About us

Promissum, the latin word for “promise” is a word we take very seriously. We pride ourselves in achieving and exceeding our customers’ expectations whether it be a large or small project.

Thanks to the expertise of Promissum’s experts, our company is well equipped to consult, support and undertake the financial management, staff training(s) and operative planning of SMEs.


The founder of Promissum is a professional of financial- and HR management. Born in  Mikkeli, Finland, Anna-Mari worked among various duties of a business’ financial department (e.g.  bookkeeping, payrolls, billing, financial reporting and customer service) in a mid-sized construction firm after which she moved on to work in the S-Group, Finland’s largest retailer and employer. Working in the S-Group, Anna-Mari’s area of responsibility grew considerably to include HR-management, training and overseeing the implementations of new systems and technologies.


Since he was little, Tuukka has always been an adventurous person who’s constantly seeking for new experiences and trying new things. This is evident when looking at his educational background, for example. After completing a carpentry qualification and working for some time in Finland, his studies took him to the United Kingdom where he completed a bachelor’s degree in business management in the University of Worcester. After, he decided to move to Spain where he completed a master’s degree in digital business in Global Business School Barcelona.

Despite his relatively young age, Tuukka has managed to garner a wealth of experience from multiple business tasks (e.g. sales, marketing, customer acquisition project planning & coordination) across various industries including construction, hospitality, education and banking. Tuukka’s strengths include his vast international network, knowledge of the latest trends in contemporary business practices, competency in several languages and of course the passionate attitude with which he takes on any given task, no matter how big or small.